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 Here's a nutritional bonus
Dr. D.C. Jarvis, a noted family physician and author of the best-selling Folk Medicine, called on his backwoods past to create a miracle healing tea from apple cider vinegar and honey.
Honey, he knew, had an impressive history as a healthful food, and apple cider vinegar by itself is a well-known antiseptic capable of curing impetigo, ringworm, poison ivy and bedsores.
By putting them together, Dr.. Jarvis invented a preventive and healing potion of unparalleled success.
The miracle tea is easy to make, costs just pennies a day, and has proven effective in treating hundreds of ailments as far ranging as heart disease and deafness.

  1. Put two teaspoons of honey and two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass of regular or decaffeinated tea," Jarvis says.
  2. Drink one or more times a day, as needed. "The blend is not only healthful, it tastes delicious."

Following are just some of the common health complaints that can be eased or cured through Jarvis' amazing honey and vinegar tea:

  • Allergies: Troublesome hay fever and runny nose, itching and skin rashes caused by allergic reactions can be cured quickly by drinking one glass of tea a day. In many cases, the results are almost immediate.
  • Baldness: A single cup of miracle tea daily ends hair loss and stimulates the growth of new hair, as well as alleviating itchy, dry scalp, Dr. Jarvis reports. it also gives the scalp a healthful glow.
  • Brittle bones and nails: Miracle tea provides an important dose of calcium. In fact, studies show that blood-calcium levels will rise almost immediately and remain high for up to 24 hours after drinking a single glass of tea. And increased calcium consumption means stronger bones and nails.
  • Burns: Apply miracle tea (without the honey) to the burned area and massage it in gently with your fingers. The tea will ease the pain and prevent the formation of blisters. See your doctor if burns are severe or a large area of your body is affected.
  • Chronic headaches: To relieve head and neck pain, place a couple cups of the tea in a pan and bring to a slow boil. Remove from the stove and slowly inhale the steam until the headache disappears.
  • Cold hands and feet: Daily consumption of miracle tea helps increase blood circulation, thus combating chronic coldness in the extremities. it also helps prevent your feet from falling asleep.
  • Colds, flu and related symptoms: Drink a glass of Dr. Jarvis' miracle tea as needed. For best results, increase consumption at the first sign of a cold, and back it up with plenty of vitamin C.
Constipation: A daily glassful of the tea keeps your digestive tract healthy and your system regular. Once you're on a daily tea regimen, constipation should be a thing of the past.